Not my normal product but the wood pieces just lent them to the design so well.

EVENT SCHEDULE  for 2019   

August 31 and September 1st.  Harrison Hot Springs.  Hall on main street.  Show times  Sat /Sun   TBA


TBA    for the Christmas market in Yarrow BC  Date and time  to be announced 

Saturday, September 28th.  Valley Markets Rummage Market   9am  to 3pm  one day only at The  Landing sports Center    45530 Spadina Ave   chilliwack BC


Set on sandblasted  bark with a live air plant. Plant needs to be misted.


Sealed, ready to hang. Can be hung outdoors in a protected area. It is cedar. 


This piece can be hung on the wall.  Sandblasting brings out the grains

 Sealing helps prolong the life of this piece.  A rare find, it looks like Celtic Knots.  

Can be hung up and down or sideways.

WOLF HILL  TT.  $35.00

Set on solid cedar are 3 wolfs and a live air plant. Plant needs to be misted.


I  will make signs such as this.  Each order can be custom designed.  Color, Size, Shape, Words.  

What do you need.

Call me.     Email me.

During my travels I have come across some very artistic pieces of driftwood. I sandblast and seal them and they can be purchased for wall hanging.  Just call a head to view.

Pictured here is one of the last cat scratching trees made. Of course it's sold.

Natures Driftwood. Born from the love of natural wood and cats is how Natures Driftwood came to be. We started back in 1998, and have come a long way from the original product. We have developed a line of unique , whimsical items for the enjoyment of all, kids and adults alike.  We welcome feed back. No matter who you are , one can always improve. Enjoy the following pages and come visit us at an event. Carol loves to chat. 

Original product : natural cat scratching trees,  pet beds, toys and cat nip, pillows.

Next came : Wind chimes, garden and house signs, tea lites, table toppers.

You never know what we will tackle next. Its a journey, and I am not ready to end it yet.  So come see and enjoy the trip.

We are able  to create  special order signs  for weddings, anniversaries, births, house warming gifts. Bring it on and we will do our best to make it.  There will be a deposit of $5.00 per item at time of order with that amount  applied to purchase price at time of sale. 

 Welcome to the new home of Natures Driftwood.  We are still the home of the most unique cat scratching trees. Our product line has expanded in other directions the past few years. We hope you enjoy looking through our selections. We are sure you will find an item that takes your fancy. Happy hunting.



Natures Driftwood

sisal cat  scratching trees  and  more

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