Jolly little snowman sitting on a green metal  bell keeps two wood hand painted angels company on this cedar root.

THE LIST   $20.00 XM

Jolly Santa with his list is kept company with 5 jingle bells. All on a stem of pine.


Bright green hummingbird flys from this knarly pieces of cedar, while a silver flower sits at the other end.  Two small glass and beads hang from the center.

SNOWFLAKES    $20.00   XM

One glass snowflake, 2 metal bells and 2 small figures  hang from this piece of sealed pine.

SANTA MOON  $20.00   XM 

Short pine piece holds a half moon with santa hat. 2 green metal bells sit each side.


Solid wood ball , hand painted is kept company with two musical notes on this solid curved driftwood piece.

SANTA SHELLS   $20.00  XM 

From this sandblasted bark piece hangs two hand painted shells with Santa. In the center is a glass wreath.  Simple elegant Christmas ornament.


Simple merry Christmas with snowflakes and jingle bells on cedar plank.

ANGEL WISHES      $20.00   XM

Angel and merry Christmas sign hang below a red velvet bow on this driftwood .

XMAS BEARS   $20.00   XMP

Festive bears on this cotton knee pillow.


Festive bears adorn this cotton pillow.

XMAS TREE   $20.00  XM                                                  

On this long cedar piece, is a large silver poinsettia.

A red Christmas tree hangs from the bottom.  

PINE & PEAR   $20.00       XM   

On a flat driftwood piece is a sprig of greenery.

One bell , two elongated tear drops  hang from either end. 

ICICLES  $20.00    XM                    
Two clear icicles and one red metal star with a bell in it hang from this straight driftwood piece.

SANTA LIGHTS     $20.00   XM
See Santa join a jolly red jungle bell and two light

up icicles on this gently curved driftwood piece.  


Individualy Priced $15.00 to $25.00 per item

Especially crafted for the holiday season. Unique, one -of-a-kind items.