Stem for Mix-N-Match Tree        $18.00  

Stems are up to 36" long. Sandblasted, sisal wrapped natural driftwood. Sisal has no

dyes, no perfume or chemicals in it. Can be shipped.

Base for Mix-N-Match Tree       $18.00

Base is 12" x 12" square, of solid wood.

Can be carpet covered or pine top.

Can be shipped.

mix-n-match tree

Mix-N-Match Tree

These "Trees " are built with a solid wood base, 12" x 12". The base can be ordered with carpet ( colors vary ) or a   wood base, sanded and sealed and edged with pine.

This Tree has no tiers. The stem is sisal wrapped solid driftwood pieces, approximately 2 to 3 ft tall. This product is made for smaller spaces and ease of transporting, as they can be taken apart. Either piece can be replaced. Ask for a new "STEM" or a new "BASE". Please specify light or dark carpet when ordering, or we will choose for you.

Cost is $40.00     * $18.00 for replacement  -  1 base or 1 stem.

‚ÄčThese show some of the mix-n-match trees available for sale.     Price is $40.00  each.  

MIX-N-MATCH TREE                       $40.00

This is a complete tree comprised of two pieces.

Purchased as a unit. Can be shipped.