AZTEC BLACK   $10.00     P

Black cat reclining on an Aztec print.  

KOALAS    sale $5.00    P.

Set against a red cotton background are four playful Koala bears. 

HUMPTY DUMPTY   sale $5.00   P

Nursery rhymes scatter across this cotton case 

HOCKEY BLUE    $15.00   P                 

 Multiple players , in various plays are set on a blue background.   

Hand crochet throw.   Suitable for twin bed .  Wash / dryer friendly.   $40.00 

PAW PRINTS   sale $5.00  P

Black flannel material  with creme colored paw prints.

ELEPHANT PARADE  sale $5.00  P

Multi colored elephants parade around this case. 

NURSERY RHYMES   sale $5.00  P 

Useful as a neck pillow. Cotton case with nursery rhyme characters on it.

CATS GALORE  sale $5.00  P

Background of   black, with many cat faces. 


One of a kind products

Filled with non-allergenic fiber fill, washer/dryer friendly. Zipper, velcro, open end, pocket closures.

BLACK CATS  sale $5.00  P 

Background is orange cotton with black cats,